Framing, in construction, is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape. The strength of your project begins with framing...why trust just anyone to build the part that provides overall support, shape and structure? This would includes our other construction services as well.

We are basically a construction framing company, with many related building services, that is committed to delivering a high quality product on time. OUR COMPANY invests a great deal of time and resources training our staff, insuring our results are always exemplary.

Quality Construction
Our quality control program is unsurpassed, below is just a portion of what we do to insure customer satisfaction at every job.

Plate and Detail: Verify that foundation is square and level, plate breaks are in the correct locations, all structural post and connections are incorporated.
Wall Frame, Plumb, and Line: Wall bracing and bottom plates are secure, verify plumb and line, hold down and shear connections are correct, and dead wood is installed correctly.

Floor System: Beam and joist locations are correct, verify stair opening for installation, install sub-flooring w/ 1/8” gaps for expansion using glue and screws, check all hardware connections and squash blocks are installed correctly.

Trusses:  Verify layout is correct, all bracing connections are installed correctly per truss drawings.

2nd Floor Walls: Wall blocks and bottom plates are secure, verify plumb, line hold down, and shear connections are correct, dead wood and fire blocking is installed correctly. 

Punch-Out:  Verify all rough opening dimensions, fireplace, windows, etc., elevation and drop ceilings/fire blocking are installed correctly.
Final:  Walls are checked for bowed studs, sub-flooring is checked, clean-up, no braces left behind, and broom swept.

Safety Guidelines

Fall Protection:
•    We install scaffolding and handrails at all OSHA trigger points.
•    We install handrails at all decks, balconies, landings, stair cases, and window openings.
•    Weekly “Safety Meetings” are conducted and recorded.
Extensive Injury Prevention Program:
•    All employees wear hard hats, eye protection and appropriate boots.
•    All employees are trained and certified at high risk areas such as fork-lift, air guns, and fall protection.
•    A certified Red Cross first aid and trauma kit is at each job site.
•    A Company safety manual is reviewed with each employee and is at each job site.
OSHA required documentation and safety compliance is maintained at all times.
ALPHA FRAMING CONSTRUCTION COMPANY carries both Worker's Compensation and Employers Liability insurance: